“You can try and cut corners with the IRS by using a substandard valuation, but in virtually all scenarios involving significant transactions, playing such an ‘audit lottery’ is a bad bet.”
– Timothy Bronza, President

Business Valuation Services

Federal Tax Valuation »

We possess the skills and experience necessary to construct, substantiate, and document value opinions for maximum effectiveness for use in federal tax transactions.

Corporate Valuation »

Research, combined with developed analytical and communication skills result in effective business valuation services given the specific transaction for which we are engaged.

Litigation Valuation »

Common disputes that may require the assistance of a business appraiser include appraisal rights and dissenting shareholder actions, minority oppression and squeeze outs, breach of contract, and franchise terminations.

Pre-Sale Valuation »

A properly prepared pre-sale valuation considers how the business is postured from a strategic standpoint and will indicate to the business owner how the business would be viewed by a potential buyer.

Strategic Business Assessment »

Arming you with in-depth information on the ins and outs of your business, our Strategic Business Assessment provides you with objective observations about where you stand, as well actionable recommendations designed to protect enhance and maximize the value of the business.