Shareholder Dispute & Litigation Valuation

Business appraisers are frequently requested to provide assistance to business owners as well as their legal counsel in the event of disputes involving the equity securities of a private business. Common disputes that may require the assistance of a business appraiser include appraisal rights and dissenting shareholder actions, minority oppression and squeeze outs, breach of contract, and franchise terminations.

Shareholder Dispute Valuation

Shareholder disputes demand that a business appraiser possesses a specialized set of skills so that the dispute may be settled, mediated or adjudicated on favorable terms. In addition to the financial and quantitative skills required for business valuation work of a non-litigious nature, the business appraiser involved in a shareholder dispute must possess well developed communication skills, which are essential for expert witness testimony.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the business appraiser should possess the critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills necessary to be an effective resource to legal counsel in resolving and litigating such matters. BVA possesses an established reputation of providing effective assistance to legal counsel in shareholder disputes, through the use of critical skills required by this challenging and demanding area of business valuation.