About Strategic Enterprise Assessment

Business Valuation Analysts, LLC’s Strategic Enterprise Assessment is a powerful tool developed to assist business owners who understand that planning well in advance of a sale of the business or other major transaction yields optimal outcomes. Strategic Enterprise Assessment consists of eight integrated components that provide objective observations on the business as well actionable recommendations designed to protect, enhance and maximize the value of the business. Strategic Assessment is proactive, eliminating the inertia standing in the way of planning for private businesses.

A key component of the Strategic Enterprise Assessment process is designed to prepare the business for a future transaction by replicating the rigors of buyer due diligence. By completing the Assessment, the business owner is able to anticipate issues that frequently emerge during buyer due diligence such as owner dependency, customer concentration and financial projections, issues that buyers frequently use to exert bargaining power over the business owner. Strategic Assessment places the business owner in a position of strength, weakening buyer leverage that erodes the value of the business.

Components of Strategic Enterprise Assessment

  • Review of Business Owner Objectives
  • Financial Review
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Summary of Relevant Merger & Acquisition Transactions
  • Industry Review
  • Analysis of Qualitative Factors – Sell Side Due Diligence
  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Conclusions and Recommendations